Where do you ship?

-we currently ship anywhere in Canada

Where are your products made?

-all of our products are made in Telkwa, BC with ingredients sourced from Canadian importers, BC, and locally in the Bulkley Valley in Northern BC

Are your products gluten free?

-most marshmallows are naturally gluten free (with the exception of those with cookie or cake) and many of our candies are gluten free such as our Almond Butter Crunch

-our commercial kitchen DOES contain gluten so we do not sell a certified gluten free product

Are your products organic?

-many of our products are made with organic ingredients but are not yet certified organic. We use organic chocolate, cocoa, coffee, vanilla beans, fruit, herbs, nuts, and spices.

Are your products made with Fair Trade ingredients?

-Yes! We use only Fair Trade chocolate, cocoa, vanilla beans and coffee. 

How long do your products last?

-all of our confections are true confections, in that they are essentially preserved with the cooked sugar. Our "enjoy by" date is 60-90 days from production, depending on the product. 

How should I store your products?

-store products in a cool, dry spot with no direct sunlight or heat source. Do not place items in fridge as moisture will damage or spoil the product.

Is your packaging recyclable?

-Yes! We use compostable "plastic" bags and recyclable/reusable paper bags. The compostable bags can go in your household composting or municipal composting, simply peel the labels off and there you go. 

Any more questions?

-please email info@kimberleyskitchen.com