Are you ready to live your purpose and pursue your passion?
Do you have a great idea and you want to put it into action?
Are you an entrepreneur that is ready to grow your business and community contribution?
For years I have advised business owners and entrepreneurs on authentic leadership and best people practices. I have coached early start-ups and mentored small food business owners. I have worked to help others focus their vision, align their business practices, and elevate results. 
Teaching, coaching, mentoring, and advising are part of how I do business and I want to share my experience and knowledge with you. I want to help you get focused and achieve your vision. 
I offer coaching in 3 related fields: small food business, human resources, and crowdfunding. From advising on best practices to implementing strategies, whatever business phase you are in, I am here to support you. 
I know that being an entrepreneur is often overwhelming and it is so easy to lose sight of our vision when we are managing the day-to-day activities of our awesome businesses.
I will teach you techniques that will impact how you work and how you create your
For an opportunity to work with me, please email me at
I am excited to help you achieve your vision.
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